At BOTANIC'ALL, we carefully study each project in order to adapt our extraction processes to guarantee an optimal quality of our ingredients.

BOTANIC’ALL is a French production site with a fully automated process and the latest generation of equipments.

We can thus adapt our extraction methods to the active ingredients we are looking for, they allow us to extract hot or cold, under pressure or under vacuum; to extract the molecules with water, ethanol and without synthetic or toxic products.

We favour extractions without solvents that are harmful to nature and to humans (hexane, methanol …)


Promoting a reasoned, sustainable and responsible culture is at the heart of our DNA.

In order to guarantee an optimal quality of our extracts, the choice of our partners is essential. We work hand in hand with our plant suppliers throughout the year.

Our will is to perpetuate our supply chains by accompanying our suppliers in their development and by bringing them a maximum of visibility.


Each step of the transformation is clearly identified and is subject to strict controls until the validation of the final product.

In addition to our internal laboratory, BOTANIC’ALL works in collaboration with independent accredited laboratories, each one expert in its field.

BOTANIC’ALL is committed to a quality assurance policy to guarantee the best practices in compliance with the strictest food standards: HACCP and FSSC22.000 in order to provide products of optimal quality.


Research and Development

Our R&D experts are constantly looking for ways to improve extraction processes in order to optimize the potential of plants and thus meet our clients’ requirements.

Focused on your needs, BOTANIC’ALL develops tailor-made solutions that can be quickly transposed from the laboratory to the pilot project and then to the industrial scale.

We have our own state-of-the-art analysis facilities: Ultra Performance Chromatograph coupled to a diode array spectrometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer etc.